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White Collar prosecutions have steadily risen over the years and sentences today often eclipse those for drug and violent offenses. This blog exclusively focuses on the current happenings of white collar cases in United States federal courts and global cases of significance. These articles are a thoughtful and thought-provoking examination of the principles and elements of the criminal justice system often misunderstood while delivering the highlights of current cases in an efficient manner. This blog is authored by Blayne Davis, a former hedge fund trader with real world experience in the federal system that includes virtually all situations a defendant might encounter, from a jury trial to a direct appeal to litigating his own post-conviction appeal. His direct experience was with two separate offices for the United States Attorney's Office, and unique insight differs dramatically from all blogs or other news services because they are drawn from a defendant's perspective. Blayne is the author of the hot thriller, Wild Game, a fictional story that draws upon his experiences with defense attorneys, government prosecutors, and judges.